Defense Cross Examination of Eaton Bahr

Have an unmarked copy of Bahr’s affidavit and be prepared to impeach on the following facts:
· The tinderbox conditions of basement (Paragraph 6)
· The coffee pot was "THE PROBABLE" cause of the fire (Paragraph 8)
· I can say with CERTAINTY improperly stored materials, there were appliances ON, it’s a GOOD THING LANE HAS ALIBI, the fire could have been set WAY EARLIER (all Paragraph 16)
1. Mr. Bahr, you said that you are a fire marshal, did you not?
2. Being a fire marshal requires you to know a lot about fires does it not?
3. It also requires you to know how to prevent fires, correct?
4. Your job is to both investigate and PREVENT fires in Thunderbird, correct?
5. In your role as a fire preventer, you inspected the Bellows & O’Brien Pub about six months before the fire, didn’t you?
6. The pub was an old wooden building, wasn’t it?
7. You said the pub itself was a “good” fuel source, did you not?
8. That many trusting customers go to every day?
9. And you went down to the basement, didn’t you?
10. And you went to the basement of the pub?
11. And in the basement you saw Lane O’Brien’s furniture stripping operation?
12. And you observed the presence of large amounts of highly flammable materials?
13. Such as lacquer thinners, mineral spirits and charcoal starter?
14. And rags soaked with these materials?
15. And you observed the presence of a heat gun?
16. And none of these items was stored properly were they?
17. This situation was an accident waiting to happen, wouldn’t you say?
18. In fact, you referred to the items you found in the basement as “improperly stored materials” in your report, didn’t you?
19. And you used your authority to tell your friend Lane to make some changes, correct?
20. Did you tell him to stop stripping furniture in the bottom of a tinderbox full of people on a busy night?
21. You told him to triple the number of sprinklers in the basement, correct?
22. Immediately, I presume.
23. In fact, you gave Mr. Bellows and Mr. O’Brien a YEAR to update their sprinkler system?
24. Even though you yourself stated that there were flammable materials in the basement?
25. It is quite possible, isn’t it, that if there were six sprinklers in the basement on July 5th, this fire would never have spread as it did?
26. Small electrical appliances are often the sources of accidental home fires, aren’t they?
27. And when a small electrical appliances causes a fire, the fires doesn’t immediately ignite does it?
28. It is generally a slow process that takes many hours, isn’t it?
29. So if someone intentionally started this fire with an electrical appliance, it would have taken many hours before the actual fire broke out?
30. You testified that the coffee maker was the “probable” cause of the fire, correct
31. “Probable” is a long way from “definite” isn’t it?
32. You have known Mr. O’Brien since he was a kid, correct?
33. Over the years, you and Mr. O’Brien have become friends, have you not?
34. In fact, you were playing cards with him on the very night of the fire, were you not?
35. You also stated that you would have been suspicious of Mr. Lane O’Brien if he did not have an alibi, correct?
36. But you also said that the fire could have been set “way earlier than it started”, is that not correct?
37. Like around the time Mr. O’Brien left the pub for his gambling appointment with you?
38. You also knew Miss Grey as a child, didn’t you?
39. And her past made her a suspect in this fire, correct?
40. Even though she has had a perfectly clear record since them?
41. Even though she was NOT the beneficiary of the insurance policy, like your buddy Lane?