Prosecution Cross Examination of Ashton Bellows

  1. You’ve known Whitney Grey for some time, have you not?
  2. You gave her a job when no one else would, right?
  3. And Miss Grey was grateful, wasn’t she?
  4. She’s younger than you, isn’t she?
  5. And she looks up to you?
  6. At the time you hired her, you knew she had a history of starting fires, isn’t that right?
  7. Not just ONE fire, but TWO, correct?
  8. But you kind of forgot about those until a conversation shortly before the fire.
  9. Now, Whitney asked you for an advance on her salary shortly before the fire, didn’t she?
  10. So you knew she was short on money?
  11. But your business was short on money too.
  12. So you denied her request for the time being, didn’t you?
  13. You have testified that you wanted out of the business, correct?
  14. You were sick of running the pub, weren’t you?
  15. You no longer had the energy to keep the place open, right?
  16. You didn't want to own a pub, did you?
  17. But as of July 4, Lane had done nothing to raise money, right?
  18. But he took no action to buy you out, did he?
  19. You were getting tired of waiting for Lane to get the money together, weren’t you?
  20. And the fire marshal ordered you SIX months ago to triple the amount of sprinklers in the basement, didn’t he?
  21. But instead of doing that, you spent your money to increase the insurance on the pub, didn't you?
  22. Your cut of the insurance proceeds was a quarter million dollars, right?
  23. And you SMILED as you watched the pub burn down, didn't you?