Jenson Decker thoughts

You’re what’s known around the courthouse as a professional witness, aren’t you

A hired expert on any psychological subject a party needs

For instance today you are holding yourself out as an expert on the psychology of arson

Even though you have not written any academic papers or done any studies on this subject yourself

But in other cases, for instance, you would hold yourself out as an expert in say, drug addiction or hate crimes (surely he has not testified as expert in 50 arson trials in central Illinois)

A great percentage of your income is derived from being a witness for hire, correct

And you were hired not to treat defendant as a patient but to testify on his behalf at trial

Lets look at what you’ve made for being here today. You testified you spend five sessions with Defendant

Presumably an hour or less a session

And you charged your client TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for this service

That’s FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS and hour, isn’t it Dr. Jenson

And that’s your usual fee to be a paid witness?

Pretty good pay for a small town psychologist, $125 for 15 minutes work?

In addition to this amount, how much are you getting for your testimony today.

So obviously, you’re not here out of the goodness of your heart, are you

You’ve only been out of school 15 years is that correct

And you have been a paid witness in 50 TRIALS isn’t that correct

And when evaluating a party for hire, you usually talk their friends and family too, don’t you

But you didn’t talk to anyone but Whitney did you

And Whitney is a student of fire investigation

So she would know the profile of an arsonist, wouldn’t she

Whitney isn’t paying you correct

Your thousands of dollars in fees are being paid by Ashton Bellows,

When Ashton hired you, did (s)he tell you that if Whitney is convicted of arson, he will be indicted for conspiring with Whitney

So even before you began talking to Whitney you knew that you were being paid to eventually testify that Whitney was not an arsonist

So instead you labeled her a “curious fire starter”