Rukiat Cook, Vanecia Gordon, Shaq Willaims
Direct for Decker

  1. Can you please state your name for the court?
  2. Dr. Jensen Decker
  3. Where do you live?
  4. In Thunderbird Illinois
  5. Did you go to school?
  6. I did
  7. Where did you study?
  8. The University of Springfield and Thunderbird University
  9. What type of degree(s) do you have?
  10. I have a masters and a Ph D
  11. What is your occupation?
  12. I am a psychologist
  13. How long have you been in this field?
  14. At least 15 years after I got my Ph D
  15. Who usually uses your services?
  16. Usually the police department
  17. How many trails have you testified in?
  18. About 50
  19. Would you consider yourself an expert in this field?
  20. Yes, I have a Ph D
  21. What do you do in order to prepare to testify in a trail?
  22. I usually study, do research, and conduct interviews
  23. How much have you studied arsonist?
  24. I have done a considerable amount of study on arsonist
  25. Do you believe that you know the mind set of an arsonist?
  26. Yes, because of the amount of research I have done on the subject
  27. What are some common factors of people who are convicted of arson?
  28. The usually like to watch fires, have no remorse, are anti-social, have anger issues, are at bad problem solving and have bad coping skills.
  29. Have you ever interviewed Whitney Grey?
  30. I have
  31. How many sessions did you interview Mr. Grey?
  32. Five
  33. Do you feel like Grey has committed this crime?
  34. No, because he does not display any characteristic of an arsonist
  35. Do you believe that Grey has any emotional problems that would lead him to start a fire?
  36. I don’t believe he has any emotional problems that would lead him to start fires
  37. Do you believe that Grey has any psychological problems that would lead him to start a fire?
  38. No he does not
  39. Why do you believe Grey testified to the fact he liked to watch fires?
  40. To show that he liked to go to fires in order to watch the fire fighters at work, not because he wanted to see fires.
  41. Why do you think that Grey is emotionally stable?
  42. Grey is emotionally stable because he is very social and he doesn’t have any anger issues.
  43. How would you classify Grey’s past experience with arson?
  44. I would say that Grey was a curious fire starter
  45. Can you explain to the court what a “curious fire starter” is?
  46. A curious fire starter is a young child who sets very simple fires in remote places, not in order to harm anything or anyone but to see the effects of a fire
  47. Would you say that Grey had any anger management problems?
  48. No
  49. Do you believe that Grey had respect for authority?
  50. Yes
  51. How do you know this?
  52. He stated many times during the interview how much respect he had for both Lane O’Brien and Ashton Bellows
  53. You testified that arsonists have poor coping skills and are bad problem solvers. Do you believe that Grey fits this description?
  54. He does not
  55. Going back to Grey’s juvenile record, why would you say it occurred?
  56. He was with the wrong crowd of children that influenced him in a negative way
  57. Do you believe that Grey is deeply sorry for the arson he committed as a young child?
  58. Yes he is, this is proven with the many apologies that he gave after the crime as well as doing community service
  59. Do you believe that Grey has any motive to commit arson?
  60. Grey has absolutely no monetary or emotional motive for committing this crime