Prosecution Cross Examination of Whitney Grey

1. Ms. Grey, you are in school studying criminal justice in order to become a fire investigator, isn’t this correct?
2. And you were found to have intentionally set two fires in Thunderbird, isn’t that right?
3. You are a convicted arsonist.
4. And we’ve heard testimony that you show up at pretty much every fire in town, isn’t that right?
5. You are fascinated by fire, aren’t you?
6. Well, you read books about it, study it, follow fire trucks to the scene of fires, don’t you?
7. You like to watch the flames, don’t you?
8. And we’ve heard that you were smiling as you watched the pub burn. You enjoyed it, didn’t you?

9. Now, through your studies, you’ve learned how to prevent fires, haven’t you?
10. And you’ve learned how they can be made worse, isn’t that right?
11. You know that gasoline makes a fire burn faster, don’t you?
12. And you know that leaving electrical equipment sitting in a puddle of gasoline might start a fire, don’t you?
13. You know that leaving a window open is a good way to fuel a fire, right?
14. Speaking of accelerants, the police found a gas can in the trunk of your car, didn’t they?
15. With your fingerprints on it?

16. No one can confirm your whereabouts the evening of the fire, can they?
17. You had had access to the pub, knew alarm codes and had keys, didn’t you?
18. And you’ve worked there long enough to know the layout of the pub, correct?
19. So you’d know where all of the windows, entrances and exits were, wouldn’t you?
20. And you knew what was in each part of the pub, didn’t you?
21. Like the alcohol behind the bar?
22. And the wood stripping materials Lane O’Brien used in the basement?

23. You were broke at the time of the fire, weren’t you?
24. You had no job prospects outside of the pub, did you?
25. In fact, you asked Mr. Bellows for an advance, didn’t you?
26. But he wouldn’t give you one, would he?
27. But he would give you a reference letter, wouldn’t he?
28. Because you two were such good friends.

29. You knew the pub was insured, didn’t you?
30. You knew that if anything happened to it, Mr. Bellows and Mr. O’Brien would get a big payout, didn’t you?

31. You’re good friends with Ashton, aren’t you?
32. He was the only one who would hire you after your criminal past, right?
33. And you knew he wanted out of the pub?

34. You talked with Mr. Bellows about your history as an arsonist right around the time of the fire, didn’t you?
35. You just happened to talk to the same man who wanted out of the pub business about setting fires around the same time the pub burnt to the ground?

No further questions, your honor.