Cross of Lane O'Brien

The pub – an accident waiting to happen
1. Mr. O'Brien, you testified that the pub was your life, correct?
2. And that your family antiques were quite precious to you?
3. And yet 6 months after being ordered to triple the basement sprinklers, you had not done so, correct?
4. Despite the fact that the basement was full of flammable liquids?
5. And despite the fact that the fire marshal told you there were improperly stored materials?
6. And despite the fact that you used a stripping gun down there?
7. You used a stripping gun in the presence of all these flammable liquids?
8. You’re a smoker aren’t you?
9. But you claim not to smoke in the basement, don’t you?
10. Because you know a dropped cigarette could cause the basement to go up in flames, right?

O’Brien and his firefighter buddies
11. You spend a lot of time at the firehouse, don’t you?
12. In fact you were conveniently there on the night of the fire, weren’t you?
13. You’re good friends with Fire Marshall Bahr aren’t you?
14. And buddies with all the firefighters aren’t you?
15. So all the people who investigated the fire were friends of yours, weren’t they?

O’Brien at the scene of the fire
16. And you were the only one up on the balcony the night of the fire, correct?
17. And you cannot swear to the jury that you closed the window, can you?
(note he says he could “almost” swear…..we are not “almost” swearing here today Mr. OBrien, we are SWEARING)
18. You (sort of) regret making the statement on the night of the fire about Lane and Whitney starting it, don’t you?
19. But at some point you realized that if Whitney and Ashton are found responsible for the fire all the insurance money is yours, right?
20. A half million dollars, I believe?